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Free and secure web browser

CCleaner Secure Browser is a web browser developed by Piriform Ltd. It has built-in system security designed that improves how you browse. while keeping your information away from prying eyes. CCleaner Browser system includes anti-phishing, anti-tracking, and HTTPS encryption, all of which can be customized from the browser’s Security and Privacy Center. The key to the customization options is conveniently placed at the top-right corner of the browser, allowing you to easily access it while browsing. You can also customize its language; CCleaner Browser can be translated into English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Pусский, and Português.

Packed with security features 

CCleaner Browser’s flagship feature anti-fingerprinting, otherwise known as browser fingerprint blocker, prevents websites and advertisers from using your device’s unique browser configuration to track you. It also blocks them from extracting your recent searches and other browsing activities. The fingerprint blocker works in tandem with the anti-tracking feature. Together, they prevent data miners and other web services from following your online activity. They’re also in charge of driving web bugs, tracking scripts, and other methods of information collection away from your search results. 

The anti-phishing feature works separately from the said features as it is in charge of blocking phishing attempts and other suspicious activity while you’re browsing. It can also stop you from downloading viruses or malicious content. CCleaner Browser adds another layer of security by adding including a HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure system. Otherwise called as HTTPS encryption, it encrypts your information to prevent other users from viewing your activity. It is also in charge of keeping you connected to your intended server. 

Should you have the CCleaner installed in your device, you can integrate it with the CCleaner browser. With this, you can get rid of temporary files, broken shortcuts, and other unnecessary data before it saves into your computer. Your computer will then have more space in its hard disk, thus completing tasks or processes much faster. In addition, CCleaner will help you import your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, and cookies into the browser. This will come in handy when you are currently using other web browsers. 

Enhanced browsing experience

CCleaner has other additions that you can use to improve your browsing behavior. First is Adblock, which stops advertisements from loading on the web pages. This feature is turned on by default, so you can immediately use it once you launch CCleaner Browser. Second is the video downloader. It allows you to download both video and audio content from social media platforms and video streaming sites. Simply click the video downloader key at the top-right corner of the browser when you’re ready to download. 

All-in-one security browser

Piriform Ltd has taken the security features of antivirus or anti-malware programs and embedded it into its browser. With CCleaner Browser installed, you can protect your browsing activity, personal information while also maintaining the free disk space of your device. Overall, it is a browser suitable for users that work with a lot of confidential information or have various online accounts. 


  • Substantial amount of security features
  • Additional video downloader feature
  • Additional adblocker


  • Unclear AES and IKe2 encryption

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